Sex Therapy

The goal of sex therapy is to help people move past physical and emotional challenges to have a satisfying relationship and pleasurable sex life.

Sexual difficulties are very common and it is very likely that we all will have sexual problems at some point in our lives.  The cause of these difficulties may be physical or emotional, perhaps a combination of both. 

Sex therapy is a talking therapy so you will not be asked to take your clothes off or do any exercises of a sexual nature during a therapy session. If it seems helpful, I may, however, suggest some exercises or homework for you to do on your own or with your partner(s) in the privacy of your home.

Unfortunately, many people suffer in silence for long periods of time before seeking help.

During the therapeutic process we will talk about your specific issues and we will explore various factors which may have contributed to your present difficulties.

I regularly help people with the following issues:

    •     Erectile dysfunction
    •     Rapid ejaculation
    •     Delayed ejaculation
    •     Sexual and performance anxiety
    •     Dyspareunia
    •     Vaginismus
    •     Sexual abuse
    •     Sexual phobias and aversions
    •     Loss of desire
    •     Incompatible sexual desire
    •     Pornography and sex addiction 


I am a member of COSRT (Relationship and Sex Therapy) and a registered member of the BACP.  I provide therapy in Barnes in London and online counselling via Zoom. 


Barnes, London

Telephone: 07711 502652